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How We Cured My Plantar Fasciitis

As many of you know, Patrick struggled mightily with plantar fasciitis this past season. Plantar fasciitis is often called the common cold of the runner because so many of us have it. It's basically inflammation involving the plantar fascia especially in the area of its attachment to the calcaneus and causes severe pain in the heel-to-arch area of the foot.

Patrick: So with some encouragement (and help) from my better half, I decided to document what we learned in curing this nagging and debilitating injury. Over the course of 6 months, we tried literally EVERYTHING! Some of the stuff worked, some of the stuff was a complete waste of time and money. We hope that by sharing what worked for me, it will help you recover more quickly and maybe even save you some money.

Julia: I should add from the "supportive spouse" perspective that although some of the techniques are definitely "romance killers" (frankenstein-like night splints... really?), it pays to be diligent in following the regimen - yes, I nagged him.

Curing Plantar Fasciitis - Information, Diagrams, and Videos!

We'll close our blog post with our warmest wishes on a speedy recovery. Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

Keep on Running!

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