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Do Runners Have Better Sex?

Runners Enjoy Better Sex

Marathons and triathlons have swelled in both number of events and number of participants during the last 10 years. Coincidentally, the Baby Boom generation - the nation's largest living generation, are just beginning to cross the retirement "finish line." Is this a coincidence? We think NOT.

As baby boomers are growing older (ahem... better), they are seeking ways to maintain their edge - at work, at play, and... in the bedroom. How are they doing this? If you're a frequent reader of ours, you probably don't need to be sold on the health benefits of running. However, there is one benefit that most endurance athletes enjoy but slyly keep a secret from their more sedentary friends and family... sex is better.

Why is the Sex Better?

Looking at it from an evolutionary standpoint, it makes sense that runners will be better at "crossing the finish line" from a sexual standpoint. Athletic performance, after all, helped keep our ancestors from being tracked down by nasty predators. Endurance runners were ideal mates, and the higher their sex drive, the more likely they were to procreate. 
If you're not a big believer in evolution, how about considering it from a physiological perspective? We believe that because endurance exercise strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory system - it means that blood is flowing to all the right places!

Need "Hard" Facts?

How about this: a new study published in PLOS One shows that endurance runners have higher libidos and better quality sex than non-runners. Additional studies have shown that women are more sexually responsive following 20 minutes of vigorous exercise (The Journal of Sexual Medicine).

Higher testosterone levels in men, which correlate to higher sexual drive and performance - are linked to short, intense exercise (Journal of Applied Physiology). Plus, women with higher levels of T-count orgasm more often than their low testosterone level counterparts, according to Hormones and Behavior.

Try It For Yourself

If you still aren't swayed by the evidence we've bestowed on you... we challenge you to try it out for yourself! Sign up for a 5K race or a sprint triathlon and start your training today. Here's a list of local events and we'll even give you training plans for free. Here's a great beginner's 12 Week 5K training plan, and here's a beginner's 12 Week Sprint Triathlon training plan. Need coaching? We can help you with that too - visit our coaching services page for more information.

Lastly, get yourself a training journal for a daily dose of motivation - and keep a log of your miles, both on the road and in the bedroom. We'd love to hear about your progress in the comments section below. 

Keep on Running!

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