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On the Eighth Day of Christmas My Run Coach Taught to Me...

Welcome to our holiday gift to you:
Twelve Days of Healthy Running Tips

On the eighth day of Christmas
my run coach taught to me:
A Tech Time-Out
7 cardinal rules of nutrition
cultivate neutral feet
recruit my hamstrings
how to use gravity
3 key running phases
to use my Achilles tendons
and a proper foot strike...

On race day do you constantly check your pace and heart rate like they were your vital signs? Give yourself a break - you're not in the ER. Obsessing over these numbers probably means you're ignoring the best indicator you have at your disposal - your body. Not only are you ignoring your body, you're diminishing one of the sublime benefits of running: present moment awareness. Leave your tech gadgets at home on race day and get back to the roots of why you love to run and the mental peace it provides.

"Wearing technology while running intrudes on the mind's attempt to give itself over to the body," says Ben Agger, Ph.D., director of the University of Texas at Arlington Center for Theory and author of Body Problems: Running and Living Long in a Fast-Food Society

An added benefit of tossing out the tech and all the metrics is being liberated from your limiting notions of how fast and far you can run. Yes, it's important to train with a strategy based on metrics but there is nothing else you can do on race day - you've already put the work in. Besides, you're not a machine, the human body is much more complicated than that… listen to it and you just may have the best race of your life. 

As much as I'm motivated by the numbers, I eventually realized they can sometimes limit me and my performance… Last year, I was forced to run a race without my watch because I'd forgotten it - I ran the fastest I had in years!

I listened to my body and allowed myself to run based on how I felt rather than the numbers on a watch. Now on training days I recognize that a number is just a number, a guide to help me measure progress. But on some race days, I lace up my running shoes and leave the numbers and gadgets at home…

We hope these tips serve you well in your quest to become a healthier, lifelong runner! Stay tuned for more TIPS TOMORROW and we wish everyone HEALTHY and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Keep on Running!

Julia, Patrick & Jo-Jo

Pose, RRCA, USAT and ITCA Certified Coaches


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