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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas My Run Coach Taught to Me...

Welcome to our holiday gift to you:
Twelve Days of Healthy Running Tips

On the twelfth day of Christmas
my run coach taught to me:
Train My Brain
self-correction drills
10 yoga poses for runners

why strength is important
a tech time-out
7 cardinal rules of nutrition
cultivate neutral feet
recruit my hamstrings
how to use gravity
3 key running phases
to use my Achilles tendons
and a proper foot strike...

Healthy running not only means keeping our physical bodies in prime condition but it also means keeping our minds in an optimal state. As a runner, your greatest asset - or sometimes enemy, is your brain. What you think and feel on and off the road also has a huge influence over how you perform once you lace your shoes up on race day. Today we'll cover tips on how to train your brain to unlock and capture the miraculous potential of your body's most important asset.

Continuously bolstering your identity as a runner is a crucial part of the mental strength training for any athlete trying to take it to the next level. You can do this by throwing as much and as many different types of information you can about your identity as a runner. This will power your motivation for the days you don't want to get out of bed to run in frigid temps (like today), get you past those pesky race-day jitters and it will serve as a stabilizing bedrock when your confidence wanes on mile 18 of the marathon!

Tips On Training Your Brain

Board certified psychologist Dr. Jeff Brown wrote "The Runner's Brain" to assist every runner to develop healthy mental strategies so that they can meet their goals. In his book he describes how to build a secret support system by telling as many people as you can about your running hobby. They don't even know that they're helping build your identity and confidence as a runner - the act of you sharing information about running reinforces your identity and floods your brain with positive messages. Here are some other great tidbits from his book:

  • Get some new colorful gear that you feel great wearing
  • Hang up your past medals and race numbers so that you see them everyday
  • Add your favorite quote about running to your email signature
  • Have a stack of books about running on your nightstand
  • Tell friends and family about the event you just signed up for - commit publicly
  • Have something in your office at work that refers to running - a new poster perhaps
  • Visualize times you overcame adversity and did well on race day

One last tip: Remember it's not always easy! As you're doing a long run, remind yourself that it's not easy to train for a long-distance event. If it were, everyone would do it! Remind yourself that you're taking on a serious challenge and the adversity you face - and overcome - will be all the more sweeter in the end!

We hope these tips serve you well in your quest to become a healthier, lifelong runner! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your running lives these past 12 days. We wish everyone a HEALTHY and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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Keep on Running!

Julia, Patrick & Jo-Jo

Pose, RRCA, USAT and ITCA Certified Coaches


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