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Philosophy: Fun & Effective Training

Whether you are competitive, you want to get in shape, or running is just a part of your exercise routine, your run needs to be fun. Running should also have a training purpose that clearly and effectively links to your goals. When you work with our certified coaches, you'll experience coaching support when and where you need it. You will have full access to your coach via text, email, or phone and receive most responses within hours - no limits, no hidden fees.

Interested in running faster, farther, and injury-free? You'll want our Pose Running Method Coaching Services to learn a scientifically proven method of reducing injuries and improving running efficiency.

Coaching Around Your Schedule

When you are running well and you are "in the groove," there is no stopping you. That is when the personal attention helps you reach the next level. But, when you are in a rut, you also need that personal attention to get out of it and continue on your path to success. Everyone needs a coach who understands his or her unique goals and motivation.

Too often, one-size-fits-all programs and training apps do not adjust for real life circumstances - working late, last-minute travel, kids' activities or family obligations. Real life also involves the emotional component of training, such as having an "off" day or waning in motivation.

We map out each workout around your schedule to help you build endurance, strength, and power so that you can increase your speed. You focus on the running while we worry about the details!

Educate, Equip, & Empower... YOU.

We're recognized by USA Triathlon as a Certified Multisport Retailer and are staffed with knowledgeable Pose, RRCA, USAT, & ITCA certified running and triathlon coaches. We believe exercise is a true source of happiness and is the best means to improve our lives, the community we live in, and everyone we touch. Whether it's helping you transition to a more natural running style, outfitting you with gear that you love, or helping you train for your next event - we're committed to empowering a happier and healthier you.

Every athlete gets the same personalized coaching regardless of how fast or how far he or she can run. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today by clicking here to schedule a free consultation or calling (302) 727-5690 to speak with one of our certified coaches.

Pose, RRCA, USAT and ITCA Certified Coaches

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