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We believe natural running promotes maximum performance, reduces injury and results in a happier you. As such, we only carry shoes that promote a natural running form - see below for a quick tutorial on how to make the transition to this healthier running form:

  • Shoes:  The first step is to choose the proper shoe for your unique running needs. See our GAIT ANALYSIS page for more information. After you've found the right shoe for you, slowly transition to a natural running form as described below.
  • Posture:  Find your proper posture by standing straight and tall, relaxing your shoulders, and looking to the horizon. See forefoot striking vs. heel striking diagram below.
  • Position:  Run in place, with your feet landing as close to your body as possible. Notice how you naturally land on the mid-to-fore part of your foot and your feet never extend past your knees.
  • Cadence:  Lean forward while running in place and begin to move forward, be sure to keep your posture straight as shown in the diagram below. Your feet should strike the ground between 170 and 190 times per minute for most running speeds.

If you'd like additional information, or help in improving your running form with one of our Certified Pose Running Coaches, please go to our COACHING page. Believe us, with the proper running form, you will either discover your love for running again or become even more "hooked!"  

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