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Pose Running Technique - Half Marathon Prep Program (12 weeks)

by Run & Tri Rehoboth Beach
Price $ 650.00

Half Marathon Prep Program

A twelve week running program for a half marathon - it teaches you how to run with maximum efficiency and prepares you for the distance. You get twelve 60-minute sessions with one of our Pose coaches and a daily written plan customized to your specific needs.

If you've got a half-marathon race on your radar - this is program is for you! Improve your technique and get ready to run! This program requires the athlete to have gone through our Pose Running Technique - Introduction Class (5 Weeks).

Injury-Free Running

Running as a form of exercise is one of the most popular athletic activities in the world. It's been proven to provide many benefits to your health including the reduction of heart disease, cancer and even neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's ( 

The problem is, 2 out of every 3 of its participants get injured every year. If you're like most runners, you love running because of the way it makes you feel but you seriously question the health aspects of the sport with every new injury. Many oft-injured runners simply give up on the sport and rob themselves of the amazing benefits of this life-prolonging form of exercise.

Today, millions of runners are discovering that a change in running form, known as the Pose Method®, is eliminating or significantly reducing running-related injuries. In fact, the Pose Method® was created decades ago by Dr. Romanov, a Ph.D. sports scientist, 2-time Olympic Coach and former athlete. Its rapidly increasing popularity has been accredited to baby boomers and their desire to extend their passion for running well into their retirement years.

Scientifically Proven Results

The Pose Method®  is quickly becoming a standard part of the U.S. Army's core training regimen. Hundreds of servicemen and women, responsible for the physical training and rehabilitation plans for Soldiers who are injured in Basic Combat Training, are Pose Method®  Certified Technique Specialists.

Aside from the qualitative results from runners adopting Pose, its benefits have also been proven scientifically.  One such study published in 2004 by  “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise," found that the Pose Running Method reduces stress on the knees by 53%. While this is just one of many studies, it is significant because the knee is, arguably, the most frequent site of injury among runners.

We are proud to announce that we now have two certified Pose Method® Running Technique Coaches on staff - see our press release here.

Love Running Again

How do you extend your life as a runner and continue to enjoy all of the health benefits of the sport that you love? Improve your technique. Not only will you avoid injuries as a more efficient runner, you will naturally run faster and longer with less stress on your joints and skeletal system.

Let us help you find your passion for running again. Our Pose Method® Certified Coaches are the only coaches in the world that have a specific focus on improving the technique of running. Choose from one of our Pose classes to get you started down the path to injury-free running!

Trust us, with the proper running form and the right shoes, you will either discover your love for running again or become even more hooked!

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